4 members of the Gymnastic Academy of Rockford gymnastic teams will be competing in national competition. They are:
Katelyn Higgins, Dani Petrousek and Reese Samuelson, Level 10 will be competing May 11—13 in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Kendall Turner, Level 9 will be competing May 3-5 in Rochester, New York.

GAR SOUTH NEW NINJA VIP MEMBERSHIP! We are so excited about our new Ninja Kids and Ninja Warriors program that we’ve decided to take it one step further!! Our VIP membership program not only includes one Ninja class per week (in your appropriate level), but also UNLIMITED jump time and open Ninja room times when available – all for just $69/monthly (when enrolled in our monthly EFT program)!! This program is only available at GAR South. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us @ 815-580-8461.

GAR is introducing an exciting new program for kids of all ages! GAR’s Ninja Training System is taking the ninja world by storm, offering classes for everyone from the rambunctious preschooler with the wild imagination, to the elementary student who wants to impress his or her friends, to the serious athlete who is training to try out for “that famous TV show.” Walls, ropes, high elements, low elements, trampolines, and more all come into play to create one of the most exciting experiences your child will ever face.

Junior Ninjas—Designed for preschoolers ages 3-5, this program features themed weeks with specific missions, agility training, climbing and traversing, and cool ninja moves.

Ninja Kids—A trademark program designed to engage the energy and imagination of kids ages 6-11, Ninja Kids will strengthen your child both physically and mentally through tough challenges, rigorous strength training, and amazing skill sets.

Ninja Warriors—Did we just say that? Yes we did! This program is designed for students ages 12 and over, who want to get serious about conquering the most difficult challenges featured in this viral ninja craze that’s sweeping the globe. For this class, prepare to go home sweaty, exhausted, excited, inspired, and a little sore.

Team Ninja—This is a qualifying class! Once you’ve conquered the graduated skill sets of Ninja Warriors, you can start putting together your most intense workouts as you prepare to know...on TV, or a special agent, or a superhero, or something else so mind-blowingly cool that you can’t tell us about it.

All of our classes are methodically and safely taught by our highly trained and qualified instructors.