"Thank you for another great party! The staff is so helpful and goes above and beyond." Jessica Nelson

"Great staff, Great party Thank You!" Jedediah Cantrell

"The helpers were wonderful and everyone was so kind at our sons party!! Thank you so much!!" Tanya Kerr

"Very friendly, accomodating and helpful staff at my sons birthday party" Theodora Stamova

"Staff was extremely helpful and friendly at my childrens birthday party!! Thank you" Cassandra Brenyca

"Great birthday party - the party helpers were great!! They had so much fun!" Angie

"All of the kids had a blast! I would highly recommend every little girl have their party here." Tanya Tullock

"I heard about your birthday parties through your website. Everyone had a wonderful time and the staff made it all so easy!" Mary Anderson

"Noelle and Emily did awesome at my daughters birthday party". Becky Bergstedt

"Always a great party!" Carrie Haggerty

"The staff are always fun and helpful during birthday parties.  My kids love this place." Tiffany Beldowski

"We always enjoy ourselves at GAR. Super easy  birthday party. Thank you." Anna Nunally

"Thank you so much. We had a great day at my daughters birthday party! All the girls had smiles on their faces!" Rebecca Johnson

"We love parties here! No muss, no fuss! The girls that ran our party did an excellent job! The kids all had a blast, its easy for me AND the mess stays here". Shelley Peifer

"The helpers did awesome at my sons birthday party. I really appreciated the help" Tambi Leslie

"All the kids had a blast at my sons birthday party.  GAR staff was very helpful and friendly. Great time for all". Brian Townsend

"Loved the staff at my daughters birthday party." Jordan Ferro

"Everything was wonderful at my daughters birthday party. Thank you!" Maggie Larson

"Both party hostesses were very friendly and helpful. They interacted with all the kids, cleaned up all the messes, and served the food.  The birthday boy had a great experience!" Megan Hursh

"Thank you so much! We had so much fun at my daughters birthday party" Jessica Byrd

"We have been here for other birthday parties. Thank you very much. Great staff!"  Annette Alatorre

"Our daughters birthday party exceeded our expectations. The girls doing the party were awesome. We would love to have another party here." Nicole Saulters

"Had a great time at my daughters birthday party. Emily and Ava were awesome helpers!! Made it much easier!!" Kelly Potter

"I googled places to have children's birthday parties in Rockford.  At my daughters birthday party, the staff was very helpful and nice." Jasmin Campbell

"I heard about GAR birthday parties through word of mouth and had a wonderful time at my sons party.  The GAR staff was very helpful. Thank you! Dani, Ava & Alyssa were amazing!" Leonda

"We had a great time at our birthday party. Thank you for everything!" Michelle Messley

"The birthday party was amazing! Our helpers Olivia and Amina were excellent. We will definately be back." Nicole Macauly

"The kids loved everything at my son's bithday party.  Great place and I will be coming back soon". Martina Love

"My sons birthday party was very well run! We will be back!" Brian Hulburt

"The GAR staff was wonderful and everyone had a great time at our birthday party" Julie

"We are long time customers of GAR and its a great party environment! The kids loved everything about the birthday party. Great helpers! So much fun for the kids and super easy for the parents". Laura Biby

"It was a fantastic experience!! Thank you so much for such a great birthday!!" Jessica McDonald

"The kids loved all the activities at our daughters birthday party. All the kids and parents had a fantastic time! The staff was amazing and helpful every step of the way". Lanah Danielewicz

"The GAR staff was very helpful at our son's birthday party. Amazing helpful and fun staff , great setup and clean. Fun for all ages!" Jamie & Gage Figueroa

"Had a great time and my son had a blast at his birthday party! Thank you" Danisha Cofey

"You guys did a fantastic job at our sons birthday party.  Thank you!!" Michelle Lamay

"Thank you for making my life easier at my daughters birthday party. As an autism mom, we REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!" Serena DeLaRosa

"Staff was great at our birthday party! Everyone was super helpful and sweet.  We'll definately come back! Kids had a blast!! "Elly Van Mill

"Everyone was helpful and informative at our daughters birthday party.  It exceeded our expectations and the kids had fun in Backyard Adventures".  Jalesah Nichols

"This is our 3rd birthday party here at GAR. Your staff does an amazing job! We love it here! The kids had a blast!" Karri Bell

"We have been a previous birthday parties at GAR.  Great Staff!!" Tanya & Dever Young

"We had an amazing time at our son's birthday party. Thank you for everything!" Syeda Madani

"We have been to prior birthday parties at GAR. At my daughters party, Amina was very helpful and polite.  Andre was a well." Joanna Lamont

"I was blown away by the friendliness and helpfulness from the staff at my daughters birthday party. Made us parents able to just enjoy the party without having to do the work of set up, clean up, and general party flow" Barb Ripley

"We have been to previous parties at GAR. Thanks for making our party to easy. Did not expect help decorating/undecorating/carrying out. Thanks!" Kim Orr

"The kids loved the gym and the Air Hockey game at my daughters birthday party! The staff was fantastic, friendly and very helpful. We absolutely loved it!" Hernandez and Rodriguez Family

"We read about your birthday parties on the internet. Ava & Andre were a great help and very nice. Kids had a blast!" Derrick & Karen Floyd.

"Our birthday party went as scheduled perfectly! Had a great time by all! Thank you so much!" Brittany Goellner

"Everything was perfect at our birthday party. Staff was amazing. Andre and Emily were amazing! Thank you GAR!" Ryan Dickerson

"The staff was amazing! They were so helpful and did an awesome job helping with the party". Cristin Middlesworth

"All three staff (Andre, Emily and Daniela) were great - they made my childs birthday party really easy on me. Thanks so much!" Liz Moore

"Thank you so much! We had a wonderful time at our childs birthday party. I was able to spend relaxing time at the party." Michelle Landon

"Andre, Ava and Amina were wonderful help at our daughters birthday party.  Thank you for an amazing time. All the children had so much fun and all the parents enjoyed the facility". Vanessa Hita & Todd Fagen

"The kids at our birthday party loved the big gym with music. Our daughter is in Little Stars. Andre, Ava and Amina were fantastic! Super helpful and very good with the kids".  Keri Breeland

"The kids at our  birthday party enjoyed it all! We have had many parties here. Thank you for everything" Paula Britos

"Thanks guys - Ave and Andre were awesome at my daughters birthday party!"  Jalona Bynum

"My daughters birthday party met our expectations.  Love this place, love the staff! Really organized" Jamie Quinones

"Abi and Emily were amazing, best hostesses we have had for a birthday party!" Korri Vogel

"Fantastic place! Lots of activities for a variety of ages" Christina Rudolph

"Thank you for all your help at my daughters birthday party. The staff was super friendly and helpful. Everything was wonderful". Carmen Rivera

"You guys did awesome! Everyone had a great time at our birthday party". Kayla Hauch

"Our birthday party staff was very nice and helpful. They helped with literally everything. They made my evening a breeze. Thanks guys." Jamira Brown

"The helpful (more than helpful) birthday party staff made all the difference and the kids really enjoyed themselves! Andre, Ava and Meg were awesome!" Michael S. Cascio

"Your birthday party staff (Ava, Andre and Karl) was excellent.  I was pleasantly surpised how helpful they were and nice. Great staff!!! Top Marks" Sylvia Zabinski

"Thank you for yet another wonderful birthday party! Everyone had a great time!" "Tray & Jessica Nelson

"A good time was had by all at my childrens birthday party! We hoped for more kiddos, but this was definetely enough. Ava was amazing!" Anna Wandtke

"Ava and Andre were great with my army of kids. They were super helpful and made the party painless.  Thank you GAR you guys ROCK! Kids loved the Backyard Adventures." Tiffany Beldowski

"Best birthday party ever!! Great hostess! Ava and Andre are the best!" Jenny Bennett

"My daughter has attended GAR classes for 3 years. We had her birthday party at GAR and everything was awesome! The kids had a blast!" "Morgan Lind

"The kids had a great time jumping and playing at my daughters birthday party!" Zoraya Green

"Ava and Andre were very helpful and kind.  They also worked well with the kids at my son's birthday party".  Sarah Wan

"Everything was great at our daughters birthday party! Ava & Olivia were very helpful and had such positive attitudes.  Thank you!!" Jedediah Cantrell
"Excellent service and very friendly. The guys that hosted our birthday party were outstanding - always a step ahead! Thank you" Shawn Gill

"We found out you had birthday parties online. We had a great party staff!!!"  Inna Tokarchuk

"Thank you for everything. Michael and the kids had a blast at his birthday party. We will definately be back for more! The girls were wonderful! Olivia and Eileen were AMAZING!!"Jiuliana & Michael Hart

"We loved our birthday party - we had a great time!" Laura Bowlin

"Our birthday party staff was excellent.  All of the kids had a great time." Tanya Tullock

"The kids at our birthday party enjoyed EVERYTHING! Really enjoyed the staff and the extra help! Thanks for the relaxing experience." Nicole Cell

"Jayden and Kaitlyn were awesome!! A great birthday party, they made it so easy! Very greatful!" Carrie Eklund

"Everything was great at our birthday party.  Very attentative staff!!" Jennifer and Shawn Rice

"The GAR staff was extremely helpful.  We have been to many parties here and had a party here last year too." Sarah Nonevski

"Very helpful birthday party staff - we enjoyed ourselves - will definately book another party in the future!" Shannon Coleman

"My daughters party exceeded our expectations.  So much fun and so easy for parents!" Traci Shilling

"I was very pleased with the service at my daughters birthday party.  Thank you" Charlene Coby

"Birthday party exceeded expectation! The 2 girls did great! Took care of us! A++++" Ericka Zumdahl

"It was a wonderful, stress free party" Shiela Erickson

"We have had parties at GAR in the past and my daughter is enrolled in gymnastic classes.  We loved the open gym and your staff was amazing anddid a wonderful job, great party".  Andrea Sapron

"Our most preferred activity was...Everything. They have a wonderful variety to meet every age and ability. The staff was AMAZING! This is our fourth or fifth party in a row here. We so appreciate the excellent staff here at GAR North. They are FABULOUS! We love the activities. It's the best place for large parties and kids of all ages. LOVE GAR!"
Erikka Coletta, mother of triplets

"Super nice birthday party staff! Very attentive!!" Christine Brown

"We saw on your website that you had birthday parties. Thank you so much. We loved the party and all the help.  Special thank you to Ava and Olivia.  You girls are awesome!" Stacy Janssen

"My daughters birthday party was wonderful.  I could not have been more happy with the service. The staff was amazing but Brittney was FANTASTIC!! She was extra helpful" Anna Sweeney

"GAR staff was very helpful!! Jayden, Ava and Emily were fantastic!  The kids loved it when they play tag with them at my daughters birthday party" "Jill Antonacci

"Our birthday party exceeded our expectations.  The kids loved the big gym and our party hosts did an awesome job!! Easy party for parents!!" Erika Zumdahl

"The best party I have ever had somewhere. The people were so helpful! Thank you!"Erin Stults

"We had my son's birthday party at GAR last year.  Extremely helpful and fun staff who made it a great experience and fun times for the kids. Specifically, Jayden was very helpful getting the kids included in all activities.  Ava was very well spoken and organized to get all the kids in the right areas.  Jayden paid special attention to kids not getting as involved to make sure they all had fun." Min Kang

"We have been at GAR for other parties and gymnastics and all of the kids at my daughters birthday party loved everything.  Great birthday. Staff went above and beyond to make it fun. They made sure all kids and parents felt welcome! Awesome experience and would recommend to anyone.  Great Stuff! Thanks GAR." Brian Huels

"Birthday party staff was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Erin Kiley

"Our party hosts, Ava and Jayden did a wonderful job!" Leslie Geske

"We loved everything about my daughters birthday party.  We knew about GAR's birthday parties because she attends Parent's Night Out.  Our party host Ava was the best!!!" Jackie Andrews

"My girls come to GAR for gymnastics and the kids had a great time at my daughters birthday party! It was fun and very nice!" Takalla Carter

"We attended a party here and loved our party! Expect 2 bookings from this event." Laura Dillavou

"Our party hosts Brittney & Ava were great!  They helped keep us on track! Our birthday party exceeded our expectations". Kim Hickson

"I love how helpful the GAR staff is.  It makes the party so much more pleasant." Amanda Zink

"We heard about GAR birthday parties from other people.  We liked everything.  Very helpful staff." Kristine Schach

"The kids loved everything at our birthday party, but the big gym was a hit!! The staff did an excellent job. We had a great time.  Thank you!" Cassandra Morris
"Our party exceeded my expectations. It was all great! Thanks so much to the staff for all the help!" Charlotte Rhoades

"Everyone was so helpful and willing to help at my son's birthday party. AWESOME! Miana Ramirez

"Everything was fantastic! All were more than willing to hlep with anything and everything at my son's birthday party" Nikolas Maffiou

"Party Hosts Brandon and Anaka were absolutely fantastic and a huge assed to GAR.  Thanks for making Emerson's 6th birthday party great"! Brenten Witherby

"Awesome staff!! Thank You!" Brad

"Thanks for making our daughters birthday party a fun experience for the kids" April Medearis

"Our daughter is enrolled in gymnastic classes at GAR.  Her birthday party exceeded our expectations.  The staff was very friendly and helped a great deal throughout the party. The kids enjoyed themselves. It was a great experience and we would recommend GAR as a fantastic place for birthday parties!" Jennifer Bailey

"Our daughter goes to GAR. Easton and Julia were fantastic with the kids. Two great helpers!!" Drew & Traci Schilling

"We attended another party at GAR and this party exceeded our expectations.  The staff was extremely helpful. Thank you for the superior service. Will recommend this to all my friends!" Sara Nonevski

"The kids at our daughters birthday party enjoyed all of the activities at GAR.  Easton and his helper were great!!" James Friis

"We have been at other birthday parties at GAR and our party was excellent!  We will come again!" Marcus Randall

"Our son Danny's party was a huge success and we all had a blast! The trio of helpers was such a great help and they took ery good care of us!  Thanks for making our day great!!" Christopher and Christine Brown

"Our party was so much fun..we'll have tired kids this afternoon! Thanks for everything!" Jami Hoskins

"We loved this party!  Very awesome and the helpers were great!  Thank you! I would definately do this again and recommend it to friends and families!" Tanya Dow

"We had a great party. Excellent, enthusiastic staff who were extremely helpful.  We were very impressed". Min Kang

"Our son's party was incredibly fun and what made it even better was the very friendly party hosts who gave attention to every little detail so we could enjoy the day" Amy Velez

"The kids loved the trampolines and foam pits.  Staff was extremely helpful and kind at our daughters birthday party"  Lindsay Harter

"Our birthday party exceeded expectations.  Our party hosts were absolutely amazing. They went above and beyond and the rest of staff were so sweet!  This was by fa the best, most relaxed birthday party we have ever thrown. I will highly recommend GAR to anyone for a kids birthday party.  Thank you so much!" Erika Sharp

"The kids at our birthday party loved all the activities.  Our party hosts Skylar and Abby were great! Wonderful job!" Krista Goldie

"My daughters birthday party was wonderful! She takes classes at GAR. Thank you very much!! Kids had fun and the staff were fun and professional". Amy Gentz

"This is like kid heaven, thank you! All the kids loved the birthday party" Jen Chapman

"My daughters party was packed full of fun!! We love coming here. Everyone is so helpful." Tiffany Mlsna

Skylar was our party host and he was awesome! Very helpful - thank you Skylar!" Rosie

"Skylar and Olivia were wonderful and took care of everything for us.  It was a great party! Thanks so much!" Jessica Haselhorst

"Our party hosts Brandon and Ariana were super helpful and a great delight! They made my son's birthday party a lot of fun and they took the party stress off my shoulders. I'd gladly recommend a party at GAR to all my friends with kids" Tiffany

"The 2 guys that worked at our birthday party were extremely helpful and fun. They allowed us to be ale to enjoy the party instead of having to worry about setup and cleanup. The little kids enjoyed play with the "big" kids." Megan Hursh

"My daughter takes gymnastics at GAR and her birthday party exceeded our expectations.  Our party hosts, Tristin and Skylar were very helpful and super attentive.  The kids loved them." Kelli Habedank

"This is our 2nd year doing a party here and it was a great time for kids and enjoyable for us as parents.  Staff was amazing and made the day special" Russ Baker

"All the kids at the birthday party loved all the activities - variety was good!!  The guys that were our party hosts were awesome - super helpful and attentive to me and the kids!!" Carne Eklund

"I heard about birthday parties at GAR from my daughter.  It was so awesome!! Awesome staff!! Will refer GAR and use you again.
Thanks!" Beverly Owens

"The kids had a great time that the birthday party - the instructors were very helpful and fun for the kids. They made the party even more of a great time. Thank you!!" Sue Scheidler

"Thanks so much for an awesome party. Kids loved the trampolines and the foam pits. Tristin and Easton did a great job and Skylar also helped set up." Judy

"The kids at our birthday party loved the gym.  We come to GAR a lot - this is our second party here.  We Love GAR!!" Nicole McKenzie

"The staff was absolutely fabulous! Thanks you so much for making this birthday party great!" Mary Ann Cooke

"Our birthday party exceeded our expectations!  The kids loved the trampoline time.  This was a great way to celebrate! Thanks for all your help!! The kids had a blast!! Jessica Burnell

"Drew and Skylar were AMAZING! They went above and beyond and made our birthday party experience wonderful!!  I will definately come back because of them!" Jaima Reeves

"Thanks for making a great experience for my son's 6th birthday party" Brittney Branning

"My friends have had there children's birthday parties at GAR.  Kids loved the trampolines and I am so grateful for all of the girls that helped us! We will be back for the next birthday!" Angel Krutius

"Having my child's birthday party at GAR was recommended by friends on Facebook.  Great party, staff was very helpful and friendly.  Wish it was a bit longer in the party room, but the party exceeded my expectations and the kids preferred playing in the gym". Lindsay Whitman

"The children had a blast at our birthday party and the girls (helpers) were amazing with the children. This was way less stress than your normal birthday party. Thank You!!" Rhonda Nicholson

"The girls that helped with our birthday party were a great help.  They were awesome. Thank you!" Christina Curry

"My daughter tood gymnastic classes here and everything was amazing at her birthday party! The helpers were fabulous!!" Cortney Shoemaker

"Our kids take classes at GAR.  Our birthday party exceeded our expectations and the party helpers were amazing!!" Vanessa Bautista

"Great Birthday Party! Everyone was helpful and pleasant.  My kids had fun and I felt like I wasn't running crazy (due to planners doing everything for me)" Amy Bocci

"The children at our birthday party loved everything!  The hosts were great! Set-up, clean-up and the kids loved our party planners! They were awesome!! Played with the kids, just great - that's why we came back again after having our daughters party here!" Mimi Williams

"We heard about your parties from friends and our party exceeded expectations.  Staff was friendly and helpful. Good job guys!!"

"We have been to GAR for other birthday parties.  We had our daughters party here and loved it!  Had a great time! Diane Boone

"We have had parties herein the past and it is so nice to sit back and relax while the staff takes care of everything" Leslie Roxworthy

"Our daughters birthday party exceeded our expectations.  Reghan and Miranda were wonderful.  They were great helping us set up the party" V. Aponte

"My daughter was invited to a birthday party here.  We had her party and the children loved everything.  The staff was above and beyond what we expected!! Thank you for an amazing party our 5 year old will always cherish!!  Troy and Jessica Nelson

"We took classes at GAR and had a wonderful time at our daughters party.  The party met our expectations and the children had fun on the inflatable and in Backyard Adventures". N. Ahmed

"We were at a birthday party at GAR and decided to have our son's party there.  The kids loved the gym and our party exceeded my expectations.  Our party hosts Alex and Dante did a wonderful job! Thank you. Katie Rich