Backyard Adventures

Backyard Adventures of Northern Illinois
6630 Spring Brook Road, Rockford, IL 61114
(located in the Gymnastic Academy of Rockford Complex)

April 2 - September 29, 2019
Monday - By Appointment Only
Tuesday - 1:00 - 7:00 PM
Wednesday - By Appointment Only
Thursday - 1:00 - 7:00 PM
Friday - By Appointment Only
Saturday - 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday - 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

 If you would like to set an appointment or have any questions, please e-mail

Backyard Adventures® is one of the world’s leading producers of wooden residential outdoor play sets, with authorized dealers throughout North America, U.K. and Ireland. Our 100% cedar play sets, forts and swing sets are built for maximum safety, durability and fun, and with dozens of unique play set accessories, these play systems grow with your child. Premium quality cedar play sets that will transform your backyard into the greatest adventure setting of your child’s young life. Modular plays sets with swings, slides, picnic tables, rock walls, trapeze bars, sundecks, and much, much more!!  Backyard Adventures® offers the ultimate combination of quality, affordability, convenience and of course, FUN! We’ve created a 100% cedar playset that is aesthetically pleasing and long lasting.  Families all over the world have found there’s more to a Backyard Adventures® play set than you might immediately notice. There’s fitness and exercise, fresh air and time with friends, laughter and imagination, physical and mental development, learning and education. When it comes to playtime, one size does not fit all! That’s why each Backyard Adventures® play set is unique and custom-designed for your family with the perfect balance of climbing, swinging and sliding and dozens of other activities sure to spark the imagination. And it’s not just your children who will marvel at all Backyard Adventures® has to offer. Our Custom Designed play sets are famous for turning adults into kids again, and for turning family time in to a fun, healthy alternative to the TV and video games.

Creative Playthings has combined the finest materials, the highest quality components, and expert craftsmanship to offer you and your children years and years of active backyard play and outdoor family fun. Introducing exercise to kids just comes naturally to Creative Playthings. What's more, wooden swing sets develop imagination and self-confidence as surely as they develop balance, strength, and coordination. It's thinking like this that has made Creative Playthings the largest full service seller of residential swing sets in the world.


WHAT MAKES A GOALSETTER SYSTEM SO ORIGINAL? EVERYTHING!!!! Virtually every inch of a Goalsetter, down to the parts you never see, is designed to enhance the performance and durability of your basketball goal. Goalsetter’s exclusive features, including the patented Compression Height Adjustment Mechanism, Full-Tempered Glass Blackboards, One-Piece, Off-Set Structural Steel Poles and patented Hinged Ground Anchors crush the misconception that all basketball goals are created equal. Originality makes a stand with Goalsetter Basketball Systems, the “Best In Basketball”. Bring the basketball players in your family to the Backyard Adventures showroom and shoot some hoops while our trained representatives assist you in deciding which Goalsetter System is best for your family! Your system will be delivered directly to your home at which point, one of our professional installers will do all the setup. All you need to do is….ENJOY!!

Vuly Trampolines push the limits of engineering, design and technology to create the world's most amazing trampolines for our customers. Our revolutionary products are the result of a fierce determination to pioneer the very best trampolines, countless hours of hard work, and an ingenuity that transcends that of all competition. It is here at Vuly that we turn dreams into reality. The team at Vuly knows that things don't always have to be the way they are. Taking inspiration from their namesake, Vulcan, Roman God of Fire, our young, vibrant and creative team consistently breathes life into products previously unimagined. As part of our mission to provide trampolines with the best possible bounce, Vuly Trampolines create the best materials to rigorously combine safety, strength, form and functionality. With ground-breaking creativity and innovation has seen the development of state of the art Vuly Trampolines that can now be found in backyards all over the world.