Parkour Classes


    Parkour classes are currently only available at Gymnastic Academy North in Roscoe

Developed by the French miliary special forces and made popular (even viral) by urban America, Parkour is the art of navigating a variety of obstacles with speed and agility.  Off the beaten path of traditional gymnastics, in our Parkour classes students will be taught to vault over, leap over and flip over shapes and equipment of all kinds.  Everything from the elementary speed vault to the challenging wall flip will be taught under the careful instruction of our GAR North staff.  So get your little Urban Ninja off the playgrounds and picnic tables and into the gym where he/she will learn to leap, vault and flip with speed and agility!

First timers will attend a 5-10 min Safety Certification Course with one of the instructors, covering correct falling and rolling techniques, basic vaults, and good common sense risk measurement. Upon completion of this course, the student will then join in with the rest of the kids in our regular parkour class.

PARKOUR CLASS - Ages 6 & Older
A progressive course covering parkour technique in four areas: walls, vaults, precision jumps, and tricking.

PARKOUR OPEN GYM - Ages 6 & Older - Must show certification card to participate
2 hours of creative free time following the parkour class. Any student wishing to participate in the open gym time must have completed the Safety Certification Course.
Gymnastic Academy of Rockford Parkour Class Schedule

Year Around

Ages: 6 & Older
$69.00/Monthly - Premier $32.00/Monthly One night Drop-in price - $15 for the class $5 to stay over for Open GymOpen Gym Only $10
Class Code Days Time Range Students
FR1 Fri 5:00PM -5:55PM Login Register
FROPENGYM Fri 6:00 PM- 8:00 PM Login Register